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Inflatable Movie Screen Rentals

Bring the drive-in experience home with our inflatable movie screens. We have two size screens to choose from, depending on the size of your crowd and experience you desire. The 12-ft Screen is good more most small, intimate settings. Consider when you have a few people over for a later-night activity; this is a good size for this.  The 17-ft Screen is better for larger crowds where people are spreading out on the lawn a bit more. Consider a church event or a gathering of fewer than 150 people.

We suggest adding on the speaker set with the movie screen rental. Most surround sound speakers designed for the house will not be loud enough to accommodate an outdoor setup. 

Regardless of the size screen you rent, we suggest NOT setting up until dusk so that the screen resolution can be set appropriately.  

The rental of the screen comes with the projector. Our projector can be used for plugging in HDMI, Coax, Blue-Ray Players, Video Games, and Computers. This projector has a wide variety of uses, but will not give you the same resolution that your television does.

Cannot be set up in high wind or during inclement weather.

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  Inflatable Movie Screens
15-Inch Bluetooth DJ/PA Speaker Set
15-Inch Bluetooth DJ/PA Speaker Set

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