Coupon Codes | Jumpin' Jack Splash | Salt Lake City, Utah


Not all equipment (inflatable or otherwise) is included in the coupon discounts. If your order does not adjust downward, the item you selected is not discountable. Games, Concessions, Tables, Chairs and Canopies, Pony Rides, Petting Zoos, Hard Rides, and Accessories are not discountable.

As always, there are NO COUPON DISCOUNTS on Holidays or Weekends, or in addition to any other discount or promotion. Paper coupons located around town cannot be applied to already discounted items or stacked onto other discounts. 

The coupon code must be entered by the renter at the time of checkout. Discounts will not be provided after the order has been placed or at the time of the rental.

We use coupon codes to control the excess administrative burden on the back end of the website and to pass along a savings to our clients. 

If improperly used or entered, invoice will be updated and resent. If continued misuse occurs, the coupon benefit will be eliminated entirely.

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