Information for Park Rentals

Park Rental Information

If your rental is at a park, there are City, County and/or HOA requirements that must be met. Please read below:

  1. It is the renters responsibility to determine special set up and power requirements.

  2. Most parks will not allow us to use their power source. If we cannot use the park power, you will need a generator. If you provide your own generator, a 3500w generator is the minimum required. If you do not have access to a generator, we have generator rental available. If you are renting more than 1 inflatable, you must call us to verify power requirements.

  3. If the park will not allow us to stake into the ground, you will require sandbags. Sandbags cost $5 per sandbag. 

  4. All parks, city/county/government property requires an additional insurance certificate.  The administrative cost associated with this is an additional $40.

Here are a few parks whose policies we are aware of:

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